Saturday, December 5, 2015

07 of November, 2015

I am back to Project Life and I am back for good! As for today, the best way to document life of our newborn family is PL format. Here goes:

As I will probably print copies of it for several family members I will keep journaling to minimum (I use small diary for "private" notes for now) but changing mind was always my thing too... >.>

Cute quotes that I found on Pinterest and wrote in different color line matching the page. Okay, maybe "matching" is a strong word, though we did follow "Orange is the new White" trend that seems to be popular in Argentinian hospitals.... If anyone will ever need them, no rules:
If you will ever find a mistake in PL quotes and stories (on pages, not in blog text), please let me know in case I didn't print it yet... thanks 

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